Sharing some chill vibes for all folks in warmer regions.

Stacking stones - of which there are many! - on Öland's northern beach, enjoying a chilled IPA... Must be vacation, my favourite time of the year.

talks are great as usual but I'm having most of my fun at our booth. So many great people at this conference.

Early birds get to enjoy these calm moments before the Rejekts starts.

Registration will open at 8:30am, talks commence at 9:30am and will be streamed live on youtube ( See here for the schedule:

Finishing touches to Rejekts Valencia, a conference covering and related projects. Talks will be tomorrow and Sunday at Wayco Valencia, drop by if you like! Also, all talks will be live streamed on Youtube.

Schedule is here:

With and without IR filter (680nm) comparisons - without filter, the camera shoots full spectrum (regular + IR).

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Started playing with infrared lately - my trusty Sigma DP1M has been collecting dust for a while, so I converted it to full-spectrum (by removing the IR blocker from the sensor).

First results are somewhat mixed - I'm still learning - but I really like the snapshots' eery vibe 👻

tail -f /proc/social
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