Highlights of yesterday's community call:
- LTS 2022 release now available for all
- advanced features like GPU, EKS support merged
- meet us at KubeCon (if you're there)

Recording: m.youtube.com/watch?v=JS3PeGrD
Agenda: github.com/flatcar-linux/Flatc

Aniruddha, one of our contributors, wrote a great blog on their journey into the world of programming and technology. Read here: aniruddhab.home.blog/2022/05/0

Among his contributions to Flatcar is a significant improvement of our locksmith component (which is used to coordinate cluster-wide OS upgrades when the cluster lacks a native mechanism), relaxing our tight coupling to etcd and making it easier to use custom fleetlock-based back-ends (like airlock).

Not sure who needs to hear this ( @dewomser maybe); programming a mini on via USB is broken.

The issue seems to be with calliope disconnecting before the full .hex file was transferred.

Adding a custom udisks rule works around this. Add this to your /etc/udsisk2/mount_options.conf:

then run

systemctl restart udisks2

(please consider boosting this)

If you're a plumber and haven't done it already, check out Lennart's sysext-by-example blog post: 0pointer.net/blog/testing-my-s

Sysext offers a whole new dimension of flexibility for immutable OSes - we've been carefully integrating it with images composable. Basic sysext support is available in Alpha and Beta - here's how to use it: flatcar.org/docs/latest/provis


tail -f /proc/social
Tiny personal micro-instance.