Finishing touches to Rejekts Valencia, a conference covering and related projects. Talks will be tomorrow and Sunday at Wayco Valencia, drop by if you like! Also, all talks will be live streamed on Youtube.

Schedule is here:

Highlights of yesterday's community call:
- LTS 2022 release now available for all
- advanced features like GPU, EKS support merged
- meet us at KubeCon (if you're there)


Aniruddha, one of our contributors, wrote a great blog on their journey into the world of programming and technology. Read here:

Among his contributions to Flatcar is a significant improvement of our locksmith component (which is used to coordinate cluster-wide OS upgrades when the cluster lacks a native mechanism), relaxing our tight coupling to etcd and making it easier to use custom fleetlock-based back-ends (like airlock).

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Tiny personal micro-instance.