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Early birds get to enjoy these calm moments before the Rejekts starts.

Registration will open at 8:30am, talks commence at 9:30am and will be streamed live on youtube ( See here for the schedule:

Finishing touches to Rejekts Valencia, a conference covering and related projects. Talks will be tomorrow and Sunday at Wayco Valencia, drop by if you like! Also, all talks will be live streamed on Youtube.

Schedule is here:

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Wir rufen auf Vorträge und Projekte für die #froscon17 über unseren Call for Papers und Call for Projects einzureichen! Der #CfP läuft ab sofort bis zum 12. Juni 2022.

Mehr Details unter:

#froscon #opensource #konferenz #freesoftware

Highlights of yesterday's community call:
- LTS 2022 release now available for all
- advanced features like GPU, EKS support merged
- meet us at KubeCon (if you're there)


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Was hat der Dunning-Kruger-Effekt mit Corona zu tun? — Quora-Antwort
Was die Pandemie mit dem Dunning-Kruger-Effekt zu tun hat, will eine Person auf Quora wissen. Leider sehr viel.
#Desinformation #covid-19 #Dunning-Kruger-Effekt #pandemie #Verschwörungserzählungen #Wissenschaft

That's Genjun's stream, I'm the guy in the other spaceship.

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I wonder how many misunderstandings could we avoid, if instead of using the term "Artificial Intelligence" we were saying something like "Stereotypical Classification"?

Pattern recognition is a much better term than AI, but also misleading. It assumes that there is a meaningful pattern in the data, which one needs to find.

While Stereotypical Classification would mean that even if I am given a randomized mess, I will invent criteria and stereotypes which then I will use for classification.

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"China is disrupting the global supply chain with their COVID-Zero policies" is a really weird way to say "How dare you stop making our stuff just because it might kill a few of you."

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It's #ThreadThursdays! Do you know what an X-ray binary is?

An X-ray binary is one of the most common ways we see black holes and neutron stars, which are dead stars with extreme physics.

[Side note: Black holes and neutron stars together are called "compact objects" because at a macroscopic distance, they're more alike than different!]

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When we created ODF 20+ years ago, Microsoft first laughed at the committee at OASIS, then made OOXML to render it moot, then rigged ISO to make OOXML a standard, then implemented ODF and now participates in the ODF committee and helps fund its work through COSM.

#Bluesky is Twitter's OOXML to #ActivityPub and it's at the "rigging ISO" stage.

Aniruddha, one of our contributors, wrote a great blog on their journey into the world of programming and technology. Read here:

Among his contributions to Flatcar is a significant improvement of our locksmith component (which is used to coordinate cluster-wide OS upgrades when the cluster lacks a native mechanism), relaxing our tight coupling to etcd and making it easier to use custom fleetlock-based back-ends (like airlock).

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As we released Nextcloud 24, we would like to give the opportunity to our community to get more involved and contribute.

This survey aims to learn more about our users. Feedback much appreciated! ✨

Link to the survey:

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Yesterday I did another reading of the book "Ada & #Zangemann - A tale of software, skateboards, and raspberry ice cream" in a Berlin school. The discussions with the pupils (1-3 grade) were so motivating. So much interest in the topic and so many great ideas. Looking forward to my other readings in the next weeks. #nt

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Okay after several days of research I've decided that, gram for gram, the Australian "Billycan" is the superior portable emergency cooking utensil design. Change my mind.

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"Awards of up to EUR 5000 are available for finding security vulnerabilities in ... Mastodon ... There is a 20% bonus for providing a code fix for the bugs they discover."
ht to @Doudouosm

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Viele von euch, die hier folgen, sind ja von Twitter dazugestoßen und neu hier.

Worauf ich freundlich hingewiesen wurde, nachdem ich's verkehrt gemacht habe:

1. Wenn ihr längere Threads erstellt, setzt alle Thread-Beiträge außer dem ersten auf "nicht gelistet", sonst spammt ihr Leuten ALLES in die Zeitleiste.

2. Einstellungen wie "nicht gelistet", "öffentlich" oder "Privatnachricht" findet ihr, wenn ihr auf den Globus unter eurem Textfeld klickt.

3. Wir sind hier im "Fediverse" :blobcat:

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Mastodon is cool but it lacks my favorite feature from birdsite which is the timeline jumping as soon as your eyes see an interesting post that you'll never find again

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